Monday, July 29, 2013


Go Green is one form of love on the environment. Go Green solicitation should be done as early as possible and applied starting from the small things. One form is the realization of the Go Green program "Campus Green". Campus is one of the targets or the appropriate vehicle for the realization of solicitation Go Green. Because the students is a major actor who holds the baton as the next generation who was instrumental to creating a healthy environment and friendly with humans (the agent of change).

Green campus that can be done in various ways, including the provision of bins categorized, ie for the category of organic waste and non-organic. It is intended that we can classify the types of waste can be recycled so as to savely together.

Action recycling of waste can be done by applying the principle of 4R. These principles include:
1.       Reduce (Reduce): do as much as possible the minimization of the goods or materials that we use;
2.       Reuse (Using again): as much as possible choose items that can be used again.Avoid the use of disposable goods (disposable, throw);
3.       Recycle (Recycling): as much as possible, the goods who is no longer useful, can be recycled;
4.       Replace (Replace): go back and check the goods we use everyday. Replace the goods that can only be used one with a more durable goods.
In addition, the Green Campus program can also be done with a tree planting action.This activity can be implemented by requiring each of the academic community to plant one tree for the campus environment.

One example of a campus that successfully implement the Go Green program is the University of Indonesia (UI). Universita Indonesia (UI) is now ranked 15th of the arena UI Green Metric Ranking of World Universities 2010, followed by 95 universities from 35 countries worldwide. These forms of implementation of the Go Green program, among other things, the UI requires each new student to plant one tree in the campus environment, applying the organic waste and non-organic, as well as the provision of campus bicycle.

"Save our earth, save our children and grandchildren"

Palembang, Juli 2011
M. Alvi Syahrin

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